Project Medishare | Sharon Marie, Maternal Health Volunteer
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Sharon Marie, Maternal Health Volunteer

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This past summer, we welcomed Sharon, a registered nurse from New Mexico with more than 30 years experience, as a volunteer in our maternity center in Marmont. As a licensed midwife since 2002, Sharon has also focused a large part of her career on maternal health.
She first went to Haiti as a medical volunteer with a midwifery school. She says, “ I fell in love with Creole art, music, language, and culture, while seeing how much more can be done and needs to be done to support the incredible people of Haiti. I knew I would be back.” Sharon shared with us that, “each trip has deepened my appreciation for the people and culture of Haiti and inspired major life changes for me.” Earlier this year, she became a monthly donor for Project Medishare, and hopes to continue volunteering at our maternity centers.
Sharon is passionate about improving maternal health, and believes expanding access to midwifery care is one of the proven most effective ways to achieve that. She shared with us that she was really impressed with how much work is done out of our maternity centers; vaccinations, deliveries, prenatal appointments and clinics are conducted on a weekly basis at our centers in Lahoye and Marmont.
We asked her what she thinks the biggest problem with the Haitian healthcare system is, and she answered that she believes it’s the lack of resources. “The talent is not an issue, it’s there, but the limited resources for training and lack of basic supplies are the problem.”
As for what the future holds, Sharon is currently planning her fifth trip back to Haiti. “Nurses, doctors, and midwives, all over the world, we share so many of the same sorrows, joys, and challenges unique to our work. The kindness, resilience, and resourcefulness of the Haitian staff inspire me every time I go. I have always felt a strong sense of solidarity with other healthcare workers and a desire to stand with them in any way that I can. I’ve become passionate about improving maternal health, and I love what Project Medishare is doing. I hope to see many more midwives in action all over the Central Plateau.”
Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your time and skills with Project Medishare and the people of Haiti.


*Sharon is pictured above, to the left, with her translator Bengie Seme, and a baby born at our maternity center in Marmont.