Project Medishare | Hurricane Matthew Makes Landfall in Haiti
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Hurricane Matthew Makes Landfall in Haiti

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girls holding hands after hurricane matthew

Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti Tuesday as a Category 4 storm and left massive devastation in its wake. Project Medishare’s team is working around the clock to gather information on the hardest hit areas of the country, and coordinate an organized relief effort with the local communities and our partners. We cannot do this without your support.


Please make a tax-deductible donation today to help us provide desperately needed emergency medical assistance and supplies to the communities overwhelmed by this disaster.


Since 1994, we have worked tirelessly to address health needs and empower Haitian communities. As a result of disaster response training, we have a strong network of skilled Haitian “emergency responders” on the ground. Over the next few days, our staff will be conducting uninterrupted services at all of our medical facilities and providing care to Haiti’s most vulnerable and critically ill, as well as deploying medical assistance to the areas of the country that need the most help.


From experience, we know that Haiti will be impacted for a long time due to Hurricane Matthew. Mosquito-borne and waterborne illnesses, including cholera, will pose a major threat in the weeks and months ahead. Chlorine production, hygiene kits, and health education in the rural communities will be essential in combatting these illnesses. Your support will help Haiti recover from this storm and continue to empower Haitians to build a better tomorrow.


We’d like to thank all of our brave and dedicated Project Medishare staff members on the ground in the Central Plateau and at Hospital Bernard Mevs in Port-au-Prince who stayed on-call to help throughout the storm. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.