Project Medishare | 6 Years Later, Remembering the Haiti Earthquake
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6 Years Later, Remembering the Haiti Earthquake

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Today we remember and honor the lives that we lost in 2010. We also take time to say Thank You to all of the volunteers who made their way to Haiti to assist in the emergency relief efforts following the earthquake.

Earthquake Collage

Direct quote from Dr. Maya Angelou in support of Project Medishare:

“The question is am I my brother and sister’s keeper? The answer is more than that.  I am my brother and my sister. I am a person trapped in a building which has collapsed in Haiti. I am a father who cannot get to his children in Haiti. I am a mother who is injured holding her injured baby with no aid. I’m not ashamed to say I need your help and I am grateful to say thank you.”

How You Can Help