Project Medishare | Happy Holidays from Haiti!
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Happy Holidays from Haiti!

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People from around the world only need to pick up a newspaper or turn on the television to realize the extraordinary challenges faced by the courageous people that Project Medishare serves in Haiti. Please help us continue to equip, educate and empower our dedicated Haitian team of physicians, nurses and healthcare extenders, whose focus is not just on treatment, but prevention of the ever-changing healthcare challenges in Haiti today. Your continued support allows Project Medishare to treat more than 180,000 people annually. Our work saves lives and forms the foundation upon which larger social change is built.

One of the hundreds of healthy babies, like Misayatha's daughter, that PM staff delivers every year

One of the hundreds of healthy babies, like Misayatha’s daughter, that PM staff delivers every year

Misyatha Louis’s regular prenatal visits to Project Medishare’s maternity health center in the Central Plateau resulted in early detection of pregnancy complications and the birth of a beautiful child who will grow up with the opportunity of being an important part of Haiti’s future.

This past year, Project Medishare was able to welcome home many Haitians who were abruptly deported from the Dominican Republic with literally no place to go and limited resources. Project Medishare stepped up by providing these families with world class healthcare, hygiene and survival kits as well as enrolling their children in our nutritional and protection programs.


10-year-old Manuel, born in the Dominican Republic, now living in La Hoye, Haiti

We have a lot to celebrate this season, including more than 20 years of service and commitment to capacity building and creating sustainable infrastructure for the Haitian healthcare sector. Our reward has been a real transformation of the first line healthcare providers! The traditional international missionaries and volunteers have been replaced by well-trained Haitians who are now taking control of their own nation’s healthcare needs. Please consider helping us, help them in their quest to carry the baton of responsibility for their countrymen’s future health and wellness.

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The Dalai Lama got it right when he said “The best way for us to be happy is to be generous to others.”

Thank you for your ongoing support of Project Medishare. Remember, if you make your donation before December 31, it will be tax deductible for this calendar year. Wishing you and your family a joyous holiday season and a happy and healthy New Year in 2016.

With gratitude and warm wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year,
The Project Medishare Team