Project Medishare | World Health Worker Week 2015
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World Health Worker Week 2015

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This week, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) joined the global health community in celebrating World Health Worker Week. The Third Annual World Health Worker Week is an opportunity to activate communities, partners and policy makers in support of health workers in our Haitian community and worldwide. This week, we celebrate the incredible work that they do.

“According to the World Health Organization, at least 83 countries lack sufficient health workforces to provide essential health services to their populations. What this means is that at least 7.2 million doctors, nurses, and midwives are currently needed globally.”

A strong healthcare team at Hospital Bernard Mevs and in our rural community health clinics is vital to achieving a healthy generation as well as ending preventable child and maternal deaths and protecting our communities from infectious diseases. Health workers are the backbone of strong health systems and ensure that the most vulnerable and difficult to reach people around the world have access to appropriate services when and where they need them, especially in remote areas like the central plateau of Haiti.

Health workers are the first and often times the only source of health care for millions of people and are responsible for many life-saving efforts. Our Project Medishare health workers provide immunizations, treat common infections and provide preventative healthcare and education. They are on the forefront of battling deadly diseases and many families rely on them as trusted sources of information for preventing, treating and managing health epidemics like cholera. Without our health workers, there would be no health care for millions of families in the developing world.

Thank you to all of our health workers for your time and support in our pursuit of providing comprehensive health, development services and building capacity in Haiti. Together, our work is saving lives and is forming the foundation upon which larger social change is built.