Project Medishare | A Home for the Joseph Family
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A Home for the Joseph Family

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Jocelène Joseph is the mother of Eveline Michel, a child in Project Medishare’s Orphan and Vulnerable Children Program (OVC). The family is extremely poor and was added to the list of beneficiaries of a housing construction project in the area of Lahoye. This project was funded by Cross International. Ms. Jocelène lived in a precarious economic situation; she has no husband, cannot read or write, did not attend church and was unaware of the existence of God. She had nine children living in a small straw hut, which was very dilapidated and miserable to live in during the raining season. Given the state of the structure, it was basically uninhabitable. She appeared unengaged and depressed at monthly meetings with other OVC parents. She did not have much hope for her future or her children’s future.
joseph home1
When Jocelène learned that she was going to be the recipient of a small house from Project Medishare, she shouted for joy. She was actively involved in the construction of her house and helped in whatever way she could. She now has a lovely home, built of blocks and a tin roof. Her children benefit greatly by living in this new home and everyone stays dry when it rains. During recent Medishare home visits, it was observed that this is one of the most healthy and well-organized households in the community. You can see the joy and hope the new home has brought to the family. Ms. Jocelène has flourished since living in their new home.

The Joseph family now attends and is involved in Sunday Mass and has become faithful followers of the church. A new Catholic Chapel was recently constructed close to the area by the Reverend Mitial Roderigue, the head of the parish of Fond Pierre in Lahoye. Last month Jocelène and her daughter, Eveline Michel, received the sacrament of baptism. The family is grateful to Cross International, Project Medishare and all of those who have contributed to this construction project. They love their home and take great pride in having people visit.

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