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You Are Our World

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Yes, you – our donors and volunteers – create the energy that allows Project Medishare to succeed! Through your gifts of time and money, we are able to provide education and training to strengthen the Haitian healthcare sector. Prior to the earthquake in 2010, 24/7 care in Haiti was non-existent and it would have been unheard of for a team of doctors and nurses to successfully perform CPR on a three pound infant following cardiac arrest. Today, we see this transformation at Bernard Mevs Hospital and – as a source of great pride – the team is primarily Haitians who were trained by Project Medishare volunteers.

Are you magicians? Or super heroes? No. You are just very caring human beings who believe in social justice and in “passing the baton” to empower our Haitian healthcare colleagues. We want to express our eternal gratitude for your generosity and your humanitarianism!

During this holiday season of giving, we ask that you consider another financial gift to Project Medishare. Your gifts, regardless of how small or large, truly make a difference! In this past year, we were able to provide school-based healthcare to over 20,000 children in one of the most impoverished areas in Haiti. Our most recent data of the last quarter reflects zero maternal deaths or stillborn infants at our new Maternal Health Center in Marmont which is a tremendous improvement.

We hope that this holiday season brings you and your families only the best in health, success and happiness. As we approach the five year anniversary of the devastating January 12th earthquake, we would like to thank each of you for all of your personal and financial contributions for Haiti!

With gratitude and warm wishes,

Barth A. Green, MD  President and Co-Founder
Renee Lewis,  Executive Director