Project Medishare | Happy Holidays
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Happy Holidays

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In the midst of your busy Holiday schedule, we ask that you take a moment to “Take a Deep Breath”. For a Haitian family that has a child suffering from a respiratory infection, the words “take a deep breath” are very significant. Thanks to the work of Project Medishare, supported by our incredible donors, children in rural Haiti are now able to receive health care that can stop a respiratory infection in its tracks. Respiratory infections often lead to pneumonia which was a common illness in the Central Plateau until we opened our mobile clinics. These clinics provide treatment and health education and, as a result, families are now able to watch their children grow up to lead productive and healthy lives.

As you know, Project Medishare does not solely provide direct health care. Our mission also includes training Haitian medical professionals in surgical specialties, administration of chemotherapy treatments and community outreach, among other skills. In addition to operating a critical care hospital and outpatient clinics with world-class expertise in ophthalmology, wound healing, cancer in women, infectious disease and pediatrics, this past year we were able to coordinate dozens of rural healthcare posts and operated multiple mobile clinics weekly in remote areas.

The mobile clinics were held in the Central Plateau region of Haiti which is the same ground where Project Medishare’s roots are. We continue with a stronger than ever commitment to the region and are dedicated to the delivery of care that supports the development of the whole person. With your support, our hope is to expand these benefits in the New Year and continue to provide all Haitians an opportunity to “Take a Deep Breathe”.

We hope that this holiday season brings you and your families only the best in health, success and happiness.
With gratitude and warm wishes for a happy holiday,

 Barth Green, MD
President and Co-Founder
Renee Lewis
Executive Direc