Project Medishare | How & Why I Did the Vermont 100K Endurance Run
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How & Why I Did the Vermont 100K Endurance Run

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by Kevin Melanson

Kevin Melanson

“The reality of actually finishing the Vermont 100 km (62 mi) Run is finally starting to sink in. Unlike what I, or other people might have, imagined, crossing the finish line wasn’t exactly a “euphoric” experience. Yea, it was great to accomplish my goal and finish the race, but THE BEST PART ABOUT COMPLETING THE RUN WAS THAT I FINALLY GOT TO STOP MOVING.

When I crossed that finish line, I wasn’t thinking about the 10 months I committed to training; I wasn’t thinking about the injuries and setbacks that kept me from running for weeks at a time; I wasn’t thinking about the moments of nearly every day where I doubted my ability to run 62 miles; I wasn’t thinking about the amazing people who made sacrifices to get me to and through the race; and I wasn’t thinking about the unfortunate people in rural Haiti for whom I was running…I was just so happy to finally be able to sit down.

But as everything from this past weekend and the past 10 months starts to sink in, those are the things I am thinking about.

I am remembering how the people in rural Haiti – fellow human beings who are not as lucky as we are and were unfortunately born into poverty – will benefit so much from EVERYONE’s CONTRIBUTION to a fund raising campaign that, so far, HAS RAISED $6,785 for the partnership between Merrimack College and Project Medishare for Haiti.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for the people who showed me love in the form of time, money, energy, physical therapy skills, camping resources, running advice and encouragement;  getting me to and through the run: SERIOUSLY, I COULD NOT HAVE COMPLETED THIS WITHOUT THEM.

I am laughing at myself for all of the daily moments of fear when I doubted my ability to run 62 miles.

I am thinking about the aches and pains I had during training: dealing with IT band problems in my right knee, trying to outsmart a stress reaction in my right foot and finding the proper shoes to manage metatarsal pain in my left foot…and how right now, even though I’m sore, I feel like a million bucks.

I am thinking about the time this winter when I woke up at 3:00 am to complete a half-marathon before I went to work and a snow storm arrive… a storm that didn’t arrive till the next day.

I am thinking about the time I ran 14 miles and how, that run, and every long training run thereafter, was uncharted territory for me.

I am thinking about how bad my feet hurt after completing a 10 mile run in December and how I had clue how I could ever run six times as far.

And when I read the article quoted above, I was reminded of the mantra I had throughout my   training and during my run: NO MATTER WHAT, KEEP MOVING FORWARD.  NO MATTER WHAT,  KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

It is amazing what happens when you create your path and just keep walking down it…one  step  at  a  time.”

Kevin Melanson with his father & mother

You can still donate to Kevin’s campaign here

From everyone at Project Medishare for Haiti, congratulations on this incredible accomplishment & thank you for your unwavering support of our organization!