Project Medishare | 62 Mile Run for Project Medishare
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62 Mile Run for Project Medishare

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On July 20th, Project Medishare volunteer and supporter, Kevin Melanson, MS, ATC, PES, is running a 62 mile race to raise $6,200 for our efforts in Haiti. Here is his story:

“What logical explanation could there be to run 62 miles?

Yes, I enjoy running.

Yes, I’m crazy.

Yes, I want to test my limits.

But the largest reason why I am trying to run 62 miles in 25 hours is not for me…it’s for them.

It’s for the people in Haiti who aren’t fortunate enough to have adequate resources to be in good health.

It’s for the people who can’t afford to send their kids to school.

It’s for the people who don’t have the same opportunity to provide for their family as we do.

On July 20th, I will be taking part in the 100km (62 mile) portion of the Vermont 100 with the intention of raising $6,200 for our work in Haiti. Just as every mile of training makes a huge difference in my success in the run, every donation will increase opportunities for these people in Haiti.

Thank you for supporting Project Medishare’s incredible programs in Haiti! Your contribution is greatly appreciated, and will be spent with total transparency and accountability. Your donation will be stretched to help as many people as possible, and allow Project Medishare and Merrimack College to save lives and make miracles happen everyday…

Support my attempt to run 62 miles in hopes of raising $6,200 to help the people of Marmont. Support me, knowing that your contribution will go directly towards helping these unfortunate people.

Your donation won’t make a major difference in my life, but it will make a significant difference in theirs.”

From all of us at Project Medishare for Haiti, Inc. thank you to Kevin Melanson for this effort and thank you to all of our supporters who are donating on his behalf.