Project Medishare | Pediatric neurosurgery team provides assessments for children with hydrocephalus
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Pediatric neurosurgery team provides assessments for children with hydrocephalus

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CMO Dr. Eddy Carmant is joined by nurse liaison Maguy Rochelin measures one-year-old Franck Marden's head during a pediatric neurosurgery assessment. Marden was approved for endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) surgery which will take place this week when the pediatric neurosurgery team returns to Port-au-Prince. Photo by Laurene Leger.

By Jennifer Browning

Last weekend Dr. Keith Rich, a neurosurgeon from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, arrived at Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare (HBMPM) to conduct a medical assessment of children who are suffering from hydrocephalus.

Dr. Rich was joined by Project Medishare Nurse Liaison Maguy Rochelin and HBMPM Chief Medical Officer Dr. Eddy Carmant.

Dr. Keith Rich discusses CT scans of a patient during the pediatric neurosurgery assessment last weekend at Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare. Dr. Carmant, a general surgeon in Haiti, is currently training to become specialized in neurosurgery. Photo by Laurene Leger.

Over the weekend the medical team assessed 50 children. Twenty children were approved for surgery, and doctors provided follow-up care to 21 other children who received surgery to correct their hydrocephalus from the previous May 2010 and November 2009 surgical trips.

Pediatric neurosurgery teams have been coming to Haiti since 2003 to provide surgeries to children with hydrocephalus. Currently, there is no formal neurosurgery training in Haiti, therefore Project Medishare’s ultimate goal is to teach Haitian surgeons how to provide neurosurgical care. This would include taking the surgeons and in a span of three years teach them how to perform neurosurgeries for adults and children and support them with equipment, training and supplies so they could become the foundation of a neurosurgical training program in the future.

Dr. Carmant, who is a general surgeon in Haiti, is Project Medishare’s first neurosurgeon trainie. Once Dr. Carmant completes his training he will be Haiti’s only pediatric neurosurgeon.

Project Medishare has formed strong partnerships with the following organizations and institutions in Miami and Haiti to provide operations to childrensuffering from hydrocephalus in Haiti: Miami Children’s Hospital, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Hopital Universitaire de la Paix, STEM Ministries, Healing Hands for Haiti, Haiti’s Ministry of Health and Centre d’imagerie.

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*Laurene Leger contributed to this story.