Project Medishare | Cincinnati’s Kickstart raises money for Project Medishare with “Just One Girl”
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Cincinnati’s Kickstart raises money for Project Medishare with “Just One Girl”

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By Jennifer Browning

Kim Barnard volunteered at Hospital Bernard Mevs in June, since then she has joined fellow volunteers in raising money to assist Project Medishare in raising funds to keep the only critical care hospital in Haiti open for business.

Musician friends of hers from Kickstart, a Cincinnati band, were inspired by Barnard’s story about volunteering in Haiti and wrote the song  Just One Girl.

“Kim was my inspiration,” Kickstart’s acoustic guitar player Mike Bachelier said. “She is someone who believes that you should help others no matter how hard it might be. I thought it was quite admirable that she would want to go to Haiti, not knowing what she might face. She also has rekindled my belief that ‘just one girl can really go change the world.'”
Kickstart, recently recorded the song and it is now available on iTunes.  To download your copy, go to the iTunes store and under music search for Just One Girl or you can download it here.

All the proceeds the band receives from download purchases of Just One Girl will be donated to Project Medishare through Barnard’s online fundraising team “I Left My Heart In Haiti.”

While Bachelier realizes Kickstart’s efforts are small, he hopes that it will encourage others to continue to do more to help Project Medishare keep Haiti’s only critical care and trauma hospital open.

“The fact that Project Medishare is running low on funds and the knowledge that they are truly helping Haiti were also motivating factors,” he said. “I believe that too many of us, though we may be well intentioned, go through life living in our little world, never really trying to help anyone but those we are closest to. If this small thing that we are doing can truely change a little part of the world, the feeling that it will bring us is worth any sacrifice we are making.”

If you would like to give more than the cost of downloading the Kickstart single, Barnard along with two members of her fundraising team invite you to donate here. The team has already raised over $1100 and is working to do more.

Wanna do your own thing? Start your own fundraising team by going here to use the Blackbaud fundraising tools to send emails out to your own friends and family to help you raise money to help Project Medishare continue to save lives in Haiti.