Project Medishare | Repetitive rains forecast a glimpse for the rainy season to come
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Repetitive rains forecast a glimpse for the rainy season to come

  |   Earthquake Response

Medical volunteers work among a soggy field hospital in Port-au-Prince. As the rainy season approaches, Project Medishare is looking to move to a permanent facility. Photo by Jennifer Browning. (File photo taken March 20, 2010)

By Jennifer Browning

While the rainy season doesn’t officially start for another two and half weeks, Project Medishare’s medical volunteers and logistics team are already getting a good taste of what is to come.

It has rained every night since Friday night for at least an hour or more. Last evening, Port-au-Prince received four hours of rain.

In order to protect the tents, the logistics team on the ground have arranged for trenches to be dug around the camp in an effort to keep as much water as possible out of the tents.

Medical volunteers are encouraged to come prepared with plenty of clean, dry socks, ponchos, and boots.

Project Medishare has been searching for an existing building to move to within the city of Port-au-Prince, in order to have better protection from the impending rainy season and to continue the care we are providing to the people in a safe environment. A location has not been determined so far, but we hope to move our hospital in the coming weeks.

As Project Medishare provides ongoing relief efforts in Port-au-Prince and the Central Plateau, we will continue to need support. If you have already made a donation, we thank you, but if you can make an additional contribution today, please do so by clicking here.