Project Medishare | Final piece of equipment arrives for Akamil Production Facility in Thomonde
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Final piece of equipment arrives for Akamil Production Facility in Thomonde

  |   Agriculture Program, Earthquake Response

The final piece of equipment arrived at the Akamil Production Facility in Thomonde. Project Medishare's construction team will soon begin to put all the equipment in place so we can start working towards a production date. Project Medishare is bringing in a technician to provide training. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

By Jennifer Browning

The last piece of equipment required for the Akamil Production Facility arrived in Thomonde last week.

Project Medishare is now in the process of putting all the equipment in place, so that we may start working toward a production start-up date. In the meantime, our staff is arranging for a technician to come to provide training on how to use the equipment properly. Once the technician arrives the facility will be operational and Project Medishare will begin conducting trials on all the equipment.

Soon all the equipment will be put in place and tile layed out along the floors inside the Akamil Production Facility. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

For the past three years Project Medishare has been a part of this hopeful spirit of progress and change in Haiti. Medishare has been working toward a long-term solution regarding hunger and malnutrition in Haiti’s Central Plateau, starting with the community of Thomonde. Project Medishare has been working toward specifically solving the malnutrition problem in Haiti with the construction of the Akamil Production Facility and Nutrition Complex. Construction of the facility began over two years ago and despite severe hurricanes and the recent earthquake, the Akamil Production Facility is finally complete.

Before the earthquake, Project Medishare planned to begin production of Akamil in late-January, however the final piece of equipment was held in customs long after the earthquake. Project Medishare staff for a while feared that the equipment had been damaged in the quake, but it was tucked away safely in the crate and has now arrived in Thomonde.

The Akamil Production Facility will manufacture and distribute AKA1000, often referred to as Akamil (Nutrimil), a mix of locally-grown products such as cereals (rice, corn, millet, wheat) and vegetables (beans) all blended into powder. It is a product of great nutritious value containing building and energetic nutrients, and is affordable to poor families. With the expert consultation of a nutritionist, the finished product will be fortified with a mix of important vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, and Vitamin A.

With the recent migration of earthquake victims from Port-au-Prince, Project Medishare’s  population in Thomonde has increased by 29 percent. In Marmont, our population increased by 18 percent. This increases a burden on an already overstressed area when it comes to healthcare and food consumption.

The Akamil Production Facility will not only help battle malnutrition in the Central Plateau, but provide additional jobs for locals in Thomonde and surrounding communities. Project Medishare will also purchase produce from local farmers that will be used as part of the ingredients for Nutrimil (Akamil).