Project Medishare | Young patient improving through hope, determination, and care
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Young patient improving through hope, determination, and care

  |   Earthquake Response, Fundraisers

By Jennifer Browning

A little over a week ago, we told you about 11-year-old Vincent who was brought into the Project Medishare Hospital for an emergency surgery for a ruptured gall bladder.

After surgery, many of the doctors tending to him thought Vincent might not make it through the night. But nurses like Michelle Chacon didn’t give up hope on the young boy.

“I would come to sit by him, look in his eyes, and talk to him. He seemed to just communicate with me just looking into my eyes, and once in a while he would reach up and touch my face,” Chacon, a nurse from Carthage, Missouri said. “We bonded. He wouldn’t give up….and I wouldn’t give up on him.”

Vincent slowly began progressing, and by the time Chicon returned to her own children back in the States, this young boy who had been bed ridden could take four or five small steps to and from his cot.

Physical therapists continued to work with him. To start trying to make Vincent’s legs stronger they would help him walk. Each day a the therapists would encourage him to go a couple of steps further. They also implemented the use of a soccer ball that Vincent enjoyed throwing or kicking gently back and forth.

Today, Vincent’s physical therapy is improving. With the help of a walker and a physical therapist, he is able to walk from his cot, out of the pediatric ward and to the fence of the camp. The pediatric medical staff also reported that Vincent is eating better and that he has gained five pounds.

While Vincent has a long way to go until he is fully recovered, he has accomplished a lot since that day Michelle Chacon refused to give up hope.

Thank you to the many medical volunteers (doctors, nurses, surgeons, physical therapists, social workers, psychologists and translators) who are helping Project Medishare provide such wonderful care to those we are serving in Haiti.

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