Project Medishare | Orthopedic doctors work to help infant
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Orthopedic doctors work to help infant

  |   Earthquake Response

Shailene Hearns, a pediatric nurse from California volunteering with Project Medishare, feeds three-month-old Beverly. The child's godmother, Katiana found the child near her best friends house two days after the earthquake when she went to go check on the child's mother who was her best friend. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

By Jennifer Browning

Two days after the earthquake, then one-month-old Beverly was found in her home which was now rubble. Katiana, her godmother, found her there when she stopped by to check on her friend. Beverly’s mother had not survived the earthquake.

Katiana, already having two children at home, immediately took Beverly to the Project Medishare hospital where the child’s injuries were assessed. Beverly had a major abrasion on her leg, but doctors also noticed that her legs and feet curved inwards.

After being treated for her wounds Katiana took Beverly home, but brought her back this week because she wasn’t eating well. With Project Medishare transitioning towards rehabilitation, volunteer orthopedic doctors have scheduled the child for a an orthopedic casts to help her legs form properly.

With her head full of hair, Beverly has received tons of attention and interests in adopting her. But Katiana,  said she will not give Beverly up.

“The mother trusted me enough to make me Beverly’s godmother,” Katiana said. “There is no way I could give her up.”