Project Medishare | Huffington Post contributors: “We must carry on and have hope through solidarity with the women of Haiti”
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Huffington Post contributors: “We must carry on and have hope through solidarity with the women of Haiti”

  |   Earthquake Response, Maternal Health Center

By Jennifer Browning

On the Huffington post today Berlotte Israel and Margaret Satterthwaite tell readers that solidarity for women rights’ in Haiti must start today–International Women’s Day.

Israel and Satterthwaite ask leaders of Haiti and those who join the Caribbean country in the rebuilding efforts to focus on empowering Haitian women. The two urge that we must not only meet the women of Haiti’s immediate needs for safety and shelter, but work towards giving these women a voice to be heard in the long term. Access to education and to improved maternal health are just a few ways to do this.

As part of aligning with the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), Project Medishare is dedicated to helping empower women in rural Haiti.

Thanks to the Greig Family, construction of the new Maternal Health Center in Marmont was near completion when the earthquake rocked Haiti. As soon as the building is deemed safe, we will work towards equipping the center. This important facility will help women in our community have better access to maternal health.

When the maternal health center becomes fully operational it will be open 24 hours a day/seven days a week and will have trained staff available and living in the connecting residence. The center will focus on providing the full package of women’s health services, including reproductive health education and services, family planning, HIV/AIDS counseling and testing, and prevention of mother to child transmission (PTME).

This is just one of the many ways Project Medishare continues to show our commitment to the women of Haiti.

To read Israel and Satterthwaite’s article on the Huffington Post click here.