Project Medishare | Earthquake affects Haitians many miles outside the capital
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Earthquake affects Haitians many miles outside the capital

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By Jennifer Browning

While Project Medishare volunteer relief workers continue to work long hours providing medical care to earthquake victims in Port-au-Prince, 60 miles away  those living in the communities of Thomonde and Marmont are feeling aftershocks of their own.

With the mass migration of earthquake victims to places like Haiti’s Central Plateau, an already strained area is feeling the pressure of housing and feeding its neighbors from Port-au-Prince.

Before the earthquake, the rural communities in the Central Plateau were already some of  the poorest parts of the country. Project Medishare, with the assistance of the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, has been working with farmers in the Central Plateau to institute better farming practices and production. Even during these times, while Project Medishare provides relief to those in Port-au-Prince our rural staff is continuing to work with our agriculture and community health programs which have grown since the migration of earthquake victims from Port-au-Prince.

Project Medishare faces structural challenges in the plateau as well. Last week an engineer reported that the community health clinic in Marmont is too damaged for healthcare workers, doctors and nurses to work safely. We are currently looking for a new location to continue health services in that area until the clinic in Marmont can be rebuilt.

Before the earthquake Project Medishare’s Community Health Program served 85,000, the Project Medishare community health staff are currently conducting a census to discover how much the population has grown since the January 12 earthquake.

While we continue our relief efforts in Port-au-Prince, Project Medishare will still need to fund our existing agriculture and community health programs serving communities in the Central Plateau.

If you would like to support Project Medishare’s agriculture and community health programs in assisting the growing population we are encountering in the Central Plateau since the earthquake please click here.

If you would like to read more about the problems facing rural Haiti since the earthquake, click here to read Ken Ellingwood’s story in the L.A. Times: Haiti quake is beginning to be felt miles away.