Project Medishare | U.S. resumes military evacuation flights for critical patients
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U.S. resumes military evacuation flights for critical patients

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By Jennifer Browning

PORT-AU-PRINCE—Yesterday, four days after suspending airflights, the U.S. government  announced  it would resume military evacuation flights to the United States for critically injured Haitian earthquake victims.

Flights taking critically injured patients to the U.S. began again today.

A patient loaded into a local ambulance gets prepped to be sent to the U.S. on a military flight. The United States military resumed airflights today for Haitian earthquake victims on the critical care list. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

Friday, Dr. Barth Green told the New York Times that the suspension put seriously injured patients at risk. Today, Dr. Green is pleased that the U.S. changed their position and resumed flights so those critical  Haitian earthquake victims could receive life-saving care.

“Things are the way they should be again,” Dr. Green said. “We’re in sync. We are going to show Haiti what we are capable of.”

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