Project Medishare | Real Heros: Dalembert and Mourning help young boy get to his adoptive parents
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Real Heros: Dalembert and Mourning help young boy get to his adoptive parents

  |   Celebrities, Earthquake Response, Fundraisers

By Jennifer Browning

Tuesday, a 7-year-old boy, made it home to his adoptive parents in Gilbert, Arizona thanks to NBA’s Samuel Dalembert and Alonzo Mourning.

Philadephia 76er's Samuel Dalembert with Evens Paul and Jason Goracke. Dalembert and Alonzo Mourning assisted in bringing the boy home to his new parents after volunteering with Project Medishare.

Both Dalembert and Mourning have been instrumental in supporting Project Medishare with medical relief efforts through personal donations and creating awareness among their fans, peers and colleagues.  Earlier this week both were in Haiti working with Project Medishare doctors, and little did they know, that out of a country that faces such devastation, that they could bring some light back home.

Back in Arizona The Gorackes, who spent three years visiting Haiti, trying to bring Evens Paul home, were doing what they could after the earthquake to bring him home. The adoption paperwork was supposed to be final last week, but the earthquake tore everything apart. Evens Paul survived the earthquake, but officials told the Gorackes that without the official documents,  which were now buried under crumbled buildings, they could not bring him home.

Children began to leave Haiti, Monday, after the U.S. government granted “humanitarian parole” to Haitian orphans in the process of being adopted. The Gorackes who were working with their adoption agency, worked out a plan to bring Evens Paul home.

Because the Gorackes couldn’t get to Haiti fast enough, Evens Paul was picked up by former NBA star Alonzo Mourning and Samuel Dalembert, a Philadelphia 76er center.

The two basketball stars saw to it that Evens Paul’s paperwork was taken care of at the U.S. Embassy in Haiti and after landing in Miami, Mourning and Dalembert waited with the boy in customs until his new father arrived.

You can read more about Evens Paul’s experience here.