Project Medishare | HAITI EARTHQUAKE UPDATE: Project Medishare teams move to local hospitals
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HAITI EARTHQUAKE UPDATE: Project Medishare teams move to local hospitals

  |   Earthquake Response

By Jennifer Browning

Today Project Medishare’s trauma team worked out of UN headquarters at airport, but under very difficult circumstances.

Project Medishare’s Executive Director, Ellen Powers, reported that the amount of suffering is far overwhelming and there is a limited capability to help.

Co-founder Dr. Barth Green sent a short email earlier this evening.

“We are all ok,” he said. “No tears left! Pray for our wonderful neighbors.”

Tomorrow three more teams will arrive in Port-au-Prince. Instead of working out of UN headquarters the teams will move to the General Hospital and Hopital Universitaire de la Paix where it will be easier to provide better care.

Project Medishare’s office and staff house in Port-au-Prince has been destroyed. Two staff members are missing and believed to be in the office at the time of the quake.

Communications are becoming easier and updates should come more frequently tomorrow.

Monetary donations are greatly appreciated and greatly needed to help Project Medishare continue their work during this devastating time of need. Click here to donate to Project Medishare’s Earthquake Relief Fund.