Project Medishare | Big names come to Haiti in search of investment
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Big names come to Haiti in search of investment

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By Jennifer Browning

Over the weekend, big names congregated in conference rooms in a luxury hotel in Haiti. Big names like Levi and Gap were interested in the potential of American trade legislation that wipes out duties on apparel assembled in Haiti. Citibank and Scotiabank were on hand to discuss loans.

With the State Department downgrading its travel warning for Haiti no longer advising  Americans to avoid nonessential travel to the country, there is hope that Haiti can begin to build its tourism back to what it was decades ago. Hundreds of potential investors visited the tiny Caribbean country to network and discuss possible projects from historical sites and brassieres to mangoes.

United Nations special envoy to Haiti, Bill Clinton gave his stamp of approval after visiting last week, declaring the country as safe as it has been in years.
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