Project Medishare | Learning on the job in Haiti
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Learning on the job in Haiti

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Second year Masters in Public Health student William Moore helps with triage at the mobile clinic in Marmont. Photo by Jennifer BrowningMPH student William Moore helps with triage in Marmont. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

By Jennifer Browning

MARMONT, Haiti—William Moore wasn’t sure what he needed to know during his volunteer trip in Haiti.

“It didn’t kick in till yesterday the importance and the requirements one needs to do a Medishare trip,” Moore said.

Working toward his Masters in Public Health at Morehouse School of Medicine, this is Moore’s first trip to Haiti. He is here this week to work with Moorehouse School of Medicine and Project Medishare’s Haitian staff.

While working with the Morehouse and Project Medishare medical team, Moore said he felt that he was learning on the job each day during the mobile clinics. While working with the medical team, he helped out with triage and some pre-diagnosis before the patients would see the doctor. Not fluent in Creole, Moore said he could easily figure out the basic ailments because the patient would point where they are hurting.

After leaving Haiti, Moore will not only have learned how to take a blood pressure or a pulse, but he will have experience the community health experience at work.