Project Medishare | Flooding kills two in Haiti’s Central Plateau
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Flooding kills two in Haiti’s Central Plateau

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By Jennifer Browning

As Haiti continues to recover from last year’s hurricanes, floods caused by torrential rains during the past three days in the tiny Caribbean country killed 11 people, two being in Haiti’s Central Plateau. Most victims were killed when their homes collapsed or while trying to cross rivers.

A Reuters article reported that across the country, 600 families are left homeless as homes have been damaged or destroyed from the flooding.

In the rural areas, Haiti is vulnerable to floods due to massive deforestation and because many shanty towns were built near river beds. Poor drainage complicates matters in the cities.

Project Medishare agronomists are currently working with locals in Thomonde and Marmont to improve agricultural opportunities in the Central Plateau. With combined efforts between the agricultural program and the Akamil project, agronomists are able to address an important issues regarding environmental degradation and climate change adaptation in the Central Plateau

Check out what Project Medishare is doing in partnership with the Global Institute at the University of Miami with their Growing Connections project.