Project Medishare | Former President Bill Clinton named special envoy to Haiti
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Former President Bill Clinton named special envoy to Haiti

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By Jennifer Browning
Two months after his visit to Haiti with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in an effort to raise global attention to the Caribbean country, former President Clinton has been named special envoy to Haiti on behalf of the United Nations.

In April, foreign donors agreed to donate $324 million toward Haiti’s rebuilding efforts at a donors conference in Washington last month. During the conference Clinton encouraged donors to not just donate money but encouraged donors to make investments that would help improve Haiti’s infrastructure.

The former president plans to use his Clinton Global Initiative, which brings together the world’s top business and government leaders every September, to talk about what he has seen and heard from students, laborers, government leaders and business people.

Twenty-four hours after his recent visit to Haiti, Clinton said he believed Haiti was in a better position to make progress.

Previously, Clinton helped raise tens of millions of dollars following the 2004 tsunami as U.N. special envoy for tsunami recovery. It is expected that Clinton will travel to Haiti at least four times a year.

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