Project Medishare | Haiti gains support of global donors
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Haiti gains support of global donors

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By Jennifer Browning

On Tuesday, foreign donors and international financial institutions renewed their commitment to Haiti, pledging at least $324 million toward the country’s economic recovery over the next two years.

During the day long conference donors pledged to focus on better coordination of international support for the poverty-stricken nation. The money raised will be used to improve Haiti’s infrastructure such as building roads and highways. It will also be used to fight drug trafficking as well as generate up to 150,000 jobs.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Haiti was in danger of stalling but with the help of the United States and others willing to team together with Haiti to help the tiny Caribbean country see a brighter future. Clinton commented further that the United States in kind food contributions were not answer to Haiti’s hunger. The secretary of state emphasized the importance of environmental rehabilitation, agriculture, and infrastructure.

Hillary Clinton will travel to Haiti tomorrow to meet with Haitian President René Préval before attending the Summit of the Americas in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Click here to read about the donor conference in today’s Miami Herald or here to read the secretary of state’s remarks at the Haiti Donor Conference over at Haiti Innovation.