Project Medishare | Receiving support from within Haiti
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Receiving support from within Haiti

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By Jennifer Browning

Recently a group of young Haitian professionals in Port-au-Prince have joined together to form the “Support Group of Project Medishare in Haiti.” The organization has dedicated themselves in assisting Project Medishare in the funding of the Akamil Production Facility in Thomonde which is scheduled for completion in June.

The Akamil Production Facility will be one part of a three-part facility including a medical complex and training center. The Akamil facility will manufacture and distribute AK-1000, often referred to as Akamil, a mix of locally grown products such as cereals (rice, corn, millet, wheat) and vegetables all blended into powder. Akamil is well-known and accepted in Haiti as an energetic and constructive food with satisfying nutritional value that fills the deficits currently observed among children, pregnant and breastfeeding women and TB/HIV patients.

This is the support group’s first focus and they have been extremely successful. So far the group has raised over $100,000 in funds and in kind materials for the facility in Thomonde. Project Medishare and the people of Thomonde and Marmont are extremely grateful for this new partnership and look forward to collaborating with the Support Group of Project Medishare on many new initiatives and projects to benefit Haiti. A special thanks to the following Support Group members: Pasha Vorbe, Angele Vorbe, Marie-Marguerite Mevs, Marissa Merove-Pierre, Mireille Merove-Pierre, Michelle Frisch, Alessandra Vorbe, Christopher Handal, Stanley Handal, Sylvie Acra, Sabrina and Reynold Deeb, Steeve Handal, Philippe Roy, Jalal and Jony Farah, Marie Chery, and Yael Bigio.

The group has created a page on Facebook where you can keep updated on their progress and fundraising projects.