Project Medishare | Medishare staff member returns to find home destroyed
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Medishare staff member returns to find home destroyed

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By Jennifer Browning

After seeking shelter at the government hospital in Hinche Choucoune, 45, returned to find her home and everything inside completely destroyed. Three hurricanes consecutively pummeled Haiti’s Central Plateau leaving many residents homeless.

Choucoune works as cook at Project Medishare’s clinic in Marmont. She shared her home with her three children, her mother, and her niece. With no home to return to after the storm, the family is currently divided among three different households of family and friends. The staff at the Marmont clinic has pulled together their own money and raised 2000 gourdes ($51 US dollars) to help Choucoune and her family obtain basic necessities like clothing.

With the help of Project Medishare supporters who have already begun generously donating money towards Project Medishare’s Hurricane Relief Fund, Choucoune and her family will receive help in rebuilding her house. She and her family urgently need beds, matresses, linens, pots and pans, toiletries, and food.

Project Medishare is grateful for the friends of Haiti who have already donated toward relieving the suffering in the wake of this tragedy, but more funds are needed to continue the hurricane relief efforts.

Please click here to make your online donation to help Choucoune and others like her rebuild their lives in the Central Plateau.