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Save on your taxes: donate to Project Medishare

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While the end of the year is approaching quickly, there is still time to make a 2007 tax-deductible donation to one of Project Medishare’s many programs. Continuing their commitment to the rural communities in Haiti’s central plateau Project Medishare establishes and funds sustainable health, surgical, and nutrition programs. These programs allow Haitian physicians, nurses and allied health professionals to receive further medical training and also provide technology, supplies and equipment to Project Medishare’s clinic in Thomonde and other affiliated programs throughout Haiti.

In February of 2003, Project Medishare began a donor-funded community health program in the community of Thomonde in the Central Plateau of Haiti which has created access to health care services for 72,000 living in the district of Thomonde, and the surrounding areas of Marmont and Casse. Over the past three years Project Medishare’s team of Haitian doctors, nurses, health agents, mid wives, lab and pharmacy technicians and administrative staff have achieved the following remarkable results:

  • Conducted 28,168 home visits, 1,959 rally posts and 118 mobile clinics;
  • Increased immunization rates in infants from less than 10% to 86%;
  • Increased the number of pre-natal visits for pregnant women from no pre-natal visits to an average of 3 visits for each woman;
  • Administered oral re-hydration solution to 8,298 children with infantile diarrhea, and provided treatment for worms to 7,865 children;
  • Decreased mortality among the population from 698 deaths in the first year of the Green Family Foundation Initiative (GFFI) program to 483 in the third year.

Additionally, Project Medishare continues to manage medical and surgical trips to Haiti. In partnership with several leading universities (University of Miami, George Washington University, Morehouse School of Medicine, Emory University and the Mayo Clinic) in the United States, Project Medishare organizes trips of physicians, surgeons, medical students, other allied health professionals, and concerned volunteers to provide medical services to our programs in Haiti. These trips are completely incorporated into the health care delivery system that is already in place and they foster a strong partnership between personnel in Haiti and the United States. These trips supplement the activities of the GFFI, in Thomonde.

You can donate directly to Project Medishare by clicking here. If you would like to contribute directly to a specific program choose from the following below:

Akamil Nutrition and Training Facility in Thomonde ($225,000 needed to complete the construction) click here to donate to this project.

Specialty Surgery Programs in Hench and Port-au-Prince. Support specialty surgical programs like the hydrocephalus surgeries performed in October. Click here to join the team by donate to this program.

Community Health Program. Contribute $125 to support a health care agent’s salary for a month or $160 to pay for a health supervisor’s salary. Click here to continue the ongoing health care provided through the Community Health Program Initiative in Thomonde.

Once you arrive to contribute to the program of your choice click Join Our Team to begin the donation process.

Project Medishare and the people of Haiti’s central plateau appreciate any gift you can give.