Project Medishare | Late nights in Casse
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Late nights in Casse

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Ted Leng examines one last patient at the clinic in Casse. The group had to finish their eye exams in darkness because in the majority of Haiti’s central plateau there is no electricity. Leng is a second year resident at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. Photo by Jennifer Browning

By Jennifer Browning

Casse, HAITI–Despite the sun going down, the Bascom Palmer group worked until the very last eye patient. Because there is no electricity in Casse, their day ended seeing their last bit of patients in darkness.

The group was prepared with flashlights and head lamps to help them continue their work.

“I thought it was kind of interesting that we were practicing medicine in the poorest country in the western hemisphere and here we were in pitch black darkness trying to finish our eye exams,” Ted Leng, a second year resident said.

The Bascom Palmer team saw 160 patients by the end of their first day in Haiti’s central plateau.