Project Medishare | Emory Gives Thanks in Haiti
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Emory Gives Thanks in Haiti

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snapshot-2007-11-22-23-24-56.jpgBy Karena Wienands

After another long day out in the field, the doctors, medical students and other affiliated health workers returned to the compound. Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Haiti, but the fabulous cooks had prepared two turkeys. Before the meal, everybody formed a circle around the dinner table and shared their personal “Thanks”. It was wonderful to hear one after the other thanking their Haitian patients, Medishare and its donors, for a life changing experience. Some of us have been so touched by the people they have come in contact with during this trip that they could not hold back their tears. The meal was exceptionally delicious and even though we were far from home and without families, our spirits were high. It is indeed, special to be amongst people who care deeply about the same cause. Not everybody committed to making a change in Haiti was able to sit at this table tonight. The people who made this trip possible through financial and medical contributions were in our thoughts and each one of us is thankful for the special gifts that allowed us to be here on this Thanksgiving Day.

* Karena Wienands is a Registered Nurse at Mt. Sinai Hospital.