Project Medishare | A new day in the operating room
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A new day in the operating room

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Pediatric neurological surgeon Dr. Jeff Blount stops by the recovery ward to check on a few of the hydrocephalus patients like Bianca. This is Dr. Blount’s first visit to Haiti. Photo by Jennifer Browning.

By Jennifer Browning

PORT-AU-PRINCE—As dark clouds hovered above threatening rain, the team gathered outside for breakfast at 6 a.m. With twelve surgeries scheduled today, it was necessary to get an early start.

Before beginning the operations, the surgeons stopped by the recovery room to check on the children they had operated on the previous day. Only one child, Coby, showed signs of possible complications, as the morning progressed Coby seemed to improve.

Once the status of the children from yesterday’s round of surgery, the surgeons will begin again.


Dr. Karl Valcourt places an IV access into Coby’s arm. Coby was operated on the previous day, so the IV access was placed for hemodynamic stabilization. Dr. Valcourt works as a pediatric intensive care doctor at Children’s Medical Center of Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. Photo by Jennifer Browning.