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World AIDS Day: PEPFAR and Community Health Program important for HIV positive Haitians in the face of cholera

  |   Celebrities, Cholera Response, Community Health & Development, Uncategorized

By Jennifer Browning Holding her doll tightly to her chest, a bright-eyed smiling 8-year-old Eve* greeted the Project Medishare team providing a home visit. With the cholera epidemic looming over Haiti, Project Medishare's community health agents have increased the number of home visits normally conducted. These...

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CHF recovers historic documents from Port-au-Prince’s Cathedral of Haiti

  |   Earthquake Response

By Jennifer Browning Cooperative Housing Foundation International (CHF), an international development and humanitarian assistance organization, recovered important historic documents and records from the Port-au-Prince Cathedral of Haiti, which sustained major damages in the January 12 earthquake. The documents including marriage certificates, baptismal certificates and building papers date...

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