Project Medishare | An Update On COVID-19
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An Update On COVID-19

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UPDATE 07/21/20
In Haiti, COVID-19 cases continue to increase, and we’ve seen an influx in protests and violence, with gangs becoming stronger and causing major problems, mainly centered in Port-au-Prince.
Despite these challenges, in June, we cared for 3,573 patients in our clinics. We also received 427 expectant mothers for prenatal appointments and provided 132 postnatal follow-up consultations at our clinics and 55 postnatal home visits. Additionally, community health agents conducted 122 rally posts reaching 4,031 beneficiaries and provided 1,752 vaccines to children in our communities.
As of now, Haiti plans to reopen schools in mid-August, so we are considering what steps we can take to help. Whether it’s helping all our Orphan and Vulnerable Children program beneficiaries stay healthy as they return to school, or how we will provide food to the schools in our school lunch program, in a safe way. We will continue to find ways to help our communities.
We continue to work on preparations for the the hurricane season. Every day brings new challenges, but our team knows the importance of their work and remain committed to serving our communities.
UPDATE 06/23/20
While COVID-19 continues to dominate the headlines and cases are still on the rise in Haiti, Project Medishare’s doors are open every day, serving those who are ill or in need as well as expectant and new mothers. This essential work being done at our clinics and through our community health agents is critical to ensuring that our communities’ primary health care needs are met, thus avoiding additional health crises in the future.
May Highlights: 3,621 patients seen at our clinics, 50 babies delivered at our maternity centers, 450 expectant mothers received prenatal appointments.
While sometimes numbers on a page can seem abstract, it is essential to remember that each number represents a person who needed care, comfort, or even encouragement and received it thanks to the dedication and persistence of our staff. Every day our staff answers yes to the call to serve and care for others, and because they do 80,000 people in Haiti’s rural Central Plateau continue to have access to primary health care. We thank them endlessly for their continued dedication, and appreciate how truly incredible our team on the ground is.
UPDATE 06/11/20
This week has brought with it a continued increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Haiti. In the official count, we are now over 3,500 confirmed cases. Despite these challenges, we choose to focus our energy on the positive work we are accomplishing. We had some great achievements last month due to the hard work and dedication of our team. As previously mentioned, we provided nutrition kits for all the families in our malnutrition program and women who gave birth at our maternity centers. In total, we distributed 122 kits. Given that the economic situation continues to worsen, we have decided to continue providing these kits to our new moms for June as we want to do all we can to give our new moms and their little ones a healthy start.
Also in May, we restarted our vaccine program, putting in place new rules and procedures to protect our health agents and community members. Our team of health agents were able to identify that the most serious obstacle for children to access this care would be their parents’ inability to adhere to the mask-wearing policy, as they did not have masks.
We overcame this barrier by providing masks to all parents at our vaccine posts and, in May, our health agents were able to administer 858 vaccinations to children in our communities. Although the posts look far different than usual with only small groups of parents and children at each site and everyone physically distant, we have had an overwhelmingly positive response to our restart and great support from the community
UPDATE 05/28/20
Despite a significant increase in COVID-19 cases in Haiti this week, there have been some bright spots too, and we are happy to share some good news.
The residents mentioned in the previous update have started with Project Medishare and are already working alongside staff. Also, after a temporary stop in April to determine new procedures to protect the staff and abide by government restrictions, we have restarted our vaccination program! Our health agents have been reviewing these new procedures with community members, and the new protocols have been overwhelmingly well-respected. However, we have found that many cannot adhere to the rule of mask-wearing at all vaccination sites as they do not have masks. After discussions with our community health program leaders, we have decided to give each parent who comes with their child for vaccinations a reusable mask, helping to protect our community health agents as well as our community members.
UPDATE 05/15/20
Haiti has begun to see a dramatic rise in confirmed cases. But, there is so much we will not know as the stigma around COVID-19 continues, causing fewer to come forward and seek help. All staff continues to follow strict protocols with regard to personal protection, and, as of Monday, in accordance with a government mandate, all persons in public places are required to wear masks, which includes those who are coming to our clinics.
This past week we began the distribution of nutrition support kits to families in our malnutrition program along with mothers who give birth in our maternity centers and malnourished pregnant women; sadly, we regularly see and treat malnourished pregnant women at our clinics. So far we have distributed 52 kits, each of which included a handwashing bucket with soap, basic food staples such as rice, beans, and oil, and reusable masks to help keep these vulnerable families healthy during this difficult time. As prices on food items have continued to increase in recent weeks, all recipients greatly appreciated these kits.
Next week our new social service residents will begin their year with Project Medishare. In this class, we will have three doctors and one nurse who will work alongside our staff at both the clinics and maternity centers. Additionally, later this month, we will again be hosting a pediatric fellow, allowing us to have a full-time pediatrician at each of our clinics – a truly incredible concept for rural clinics.
We’d like to send a big thank you to board member Pierre Garcon for donating another 1,000 cloth masks and 1,000 bottles of hand sanitizer for us to share with our staff and throughout our communities. Other board members have contributed both big and small to Project Medishare. Such a big heart during these tough times! Your support during these difficult times gives us strength.
UPDATE 05/08/20
There is a saying in Haitian Creole, “If the source is not healthy, the community will not be healthy.” For Project Medishare, the “source” of health is our staff. Each person in our communities relies upon the Project Medishare team to keep our clinics and programs running well so that they can receive the life-saving services that they need.
With the importance of our team’s health and well-being always at the forefront of our minds, especially during these difficult times, last week, we distributed COVID-19 kits to all staff members. Everyone received a bucket to create a handwashing station in their home (most do not have running water), soap for handwashing, two reusable masks for themselves and two reusable masks for family members, a refillable gallon of chlorine (produced in our Marmont facility), and a bottle of hand sanitizer. Each team member plays an indispensable role in the life-saving work we do, from the cleaners, drivers, and cooks, to the doctors, nurses, and midwives. We all depend on each other just as our communities depend on us.
Everyone was grateful to those who made it possible for them to receive these items and expressed the tremendous difference that these simple things would have in keeping them and their families healthy during this crisis.
We were also able to begin distributing food kits to families in our malnutrition program in Lahoye, and new moms at our Marmont maternity center. Everyone was very grateful to receive food staples such as rice, beans and oil.
UPDATE 4/27/20

This continues to be a difficult time for all of us but words cannot express our gratitude for so many of you that have stepped forward to make donations over the past few weeks. This helps allow us to focus on what is needed most in our communities and be flexible during this unprecedented time. Hospital Bernard Mevs remains calm but continues to prepare for an influx of patients. Providing accurate information on COVID-19 still remains essential in this battle. The official, reported numbers of confirmed cases in PAP are still relatively low, but we expect to see more cases in the coming weeks.

As we know, the economic situation in Haiti plays a significant role in day to day life. In Haiti, the cost of food has increased exponentially, making feeding families even more difficult. For example, the same bunch of plantains (a common food in Haiti) have gone from ~$8.70 in January to ~$18.35 in March. This does not even address the decrease in the value of the Haitian Gourde in the past several months.And so, as we watch people still go to the market to buy or sell what they can, or as people continue to travel in tap taps, we would all do well to remember that social distancing is not always possible in the same ways in different countries around the world.

We are having constant conversations on how to be physically distant but socially engaged in our communities. Our team continues to be steadfast, optimistic and hard-working to support our communities, knowing they rely on us. This fight is far from over and we will continue to be there for our communities.


UPDATE 4/20/20
We wanted to share with you one of the initiatives we currently have in place during the COVID-19 pandemic: chlorine production.
Each month, our production facility is able to churn out hundreds of gallons of medical grade bleach, which is then distributed to our community members. This bleach is able to treat water, making it suitable for cooking, washing, cleaning, and disinfecting knives, tools and contaminated surfaces. We have also purchased and will be distributing buckets in our communities to help with safe hand washing. While chlorine production and distribution is something we do year-round, the current pandemic has caused us to increase our efforts, as cleaning and disinfecting are one of the best ways to combat the coronavirus.
With the 700 gallons of bleach that Project Medishare produced in March, we are able to treat millions of gallons of water.We’re also very excited to share the news that our board member, Pierre Garcon, graciously donated a very large order of hand sanitizer and locally made face masks. Thank you, Pierre! Your constant dedication to the people of Haiti always leaves us very inspired.Last, but certainly not least, we give sincere thanks to all of the generous individuals that have made gifts in recent weeks. While the fight against coronavirus is nowhere near done, its your support and faith in us that keep us motivated to keep doing our work.

UPDATE 3/20/20

COVID-19 has arrived to Haiti.


We’ve been fearing this moment since we first heard news of this quickly spreading virus. While COVID-19 has been taken a toll on hospitals in Europe, the United States and Asia, the effect that it could have in Haiti is frightening.


We must take into account that the healthcare infrastructure in Haiti already struggles on a regular basis to provide adequate resources and care to its people. When a virus like COVID-19 appears, the strain it will put on the already weak hospital system is enough to send the country into chaos.


Below is a brief update, so that you can understand the current status of our organization. The arrival of the coronavirus in Haiti has unfortunately already taken its affect on Project Medishare.


The following programs have halted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic:
  • Schools in Haiti have shut down, meaning we are not running our school lunch or school health exam programs.
  • All community health activities has been suspended as people are no longer permitted to gather in groups. This was one of the most difficult choices we have had to make recently, but this measure was necessary as it’s not possible to implement the required protocols at the various sites. This includes: all mobile clinics, all rally posts, all Orphan and Vulnerable Children meetings
  • All staff who are not essential and can work from home have been asked to do so from now on.
  • Our volunteer program is postponed for the time being. All upcoming volunteer trips have been cancelled.


On a more positive side, we are happy to report that at this time, all of our health clinics and maternity centers are currently open and running.


Over the past month, our team in Haiti worked tirelessly to prepare for the arrival of the coronavirus in Haiti. These efforts included the procurement of medications, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, refilling all fuel, and purchasing bulk food for staff for two months. These are efforts very similar to those we have undertook during peyi lok, or the country’s lockdown, which allowed us to continue for months even after the country shut down. However, we will soon reach a point where supplies start to dwindle, and stocking up on many of our necessary supplies will be close to impossible.


Despite all this adversity, despite all the fear, and despite all the risks, our staff is still doing the work- showing up every morning to treat patients, helping women to safely bring their babies into the world, and assuring everyone who walks in our doors that Project Medishare stands with them in this time of crisis. We will continue to remain hopeful for a quick recovery not just for Haiti, but for everyone currently enduring this crisis.


If you can, please consider making a donation to help support our efforts during this crisis.