Project Medishare | Haiti National State of Health Congress
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Haiti National State of Health Congress

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Last month, Project Medishare’s Program Manager, Dr. Wladimir Casimir, and Program Coordinator, Dr. Farah Alfred, along with Kathleen Sejour, a representative from Hospital Bernard Mevs, attended the Haiti National State of Health Congress. The two-day event, organised by Ansanm pou Ayiti in partnership with Relink Global Health, brought together public and private sector organizations to discuss the state of Haiti’s healthcare sector.


Haiti National State of Health Congress Project Medishare

Through a series of keynote speakers and breakout sessions, congress attendees had the chance to examine Haiti’s current health system, discuss the role of public and private sectors in driving innovation, and share solutions and ideas to transform healthcare in Haiti.

The health congress was important because it brought together different organizations around the same table to discuss topics such as the future of health governance in Haiti, healthcare access, improving quality care, and effective healthcare models. The discussions were so lively and informative that most of us wished the congress was more than two days,” said Dr. Casimir.

Haiti National State of Health Congress Project Medishare
One particular topic that sparked passionate conversation was ways to increase partnership between NGOs, the private sector and the government. Less than four percent of Haiti’s national budget is allocated to the health sector, leaving NGOs and the private sector to fill the gap. As a result, much of Haiti’s population, especially in rural communities, still lack access to basic healthcare, and doctors at government-run hospitals frequently strike due to low pay and lack of resources.


According to Dr. Casimir, “Haiti’s healthcare system is facing a lot of challenges right. The main issue is that based on the budget, it doesn’t seem to be a priority for the government. NGOs like Project Medishare are the primary providers of healthcare services in the country. This often leaves the Ministry of Health in the position of being a spectator rather than a driver of change.”


In addition to the interactive discussions, another highlight for Drs. Casimir and Alfred was being able to network with other attendees, and explore ways to collaborate. Project Medishare was also one of several exhibitors, providing the doctors with a chance to showcase our lifesaving work in the Central Plateau and our partnership with Hospital Bernard Mevs.

Haiti National State of Health Congress Project Medishare

“I was really proud to be able to talk about Project Medishare’s achievements in the health field” said Dr. Casimir. “I also appreciated having the opportunity to become familiar with other institutions performing the same work as us, and network with other health professionals. Being able to share our knowledge and experiences is critical to strengthening Haiti’s health system.”