Project Medishare | Honoring Haitian Moms
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Honoring Haitian Moms

  |   Maternal Health

Sunday, May 27 is Mother’s Day in Haiti and we’re honoring Haitian moms. Whether it’s learning that their child has Down syndrome, discovering they’re pregnant with twins, becoming a teen mom or choosing to delay future pregnancies, these courageous women, like moms around the world, are committed to providing the best life possible for their children.



Bernado is a three-month-old baby boy with Down syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes developmental and cognitive disabilities. His mother, Eximene was 43 years old when she unexpectedly became pregnant and gave birth to him. Regardless of Bernado’s disability, his mother loves him as much as her eight other children.


As with most of her other children, Eximene delivered Bernado at home. She recently brought him to one of Project Medishare’s mobile clinics for a checkup where he received a clean bill of health.



Marie Rosette

When Marie Rosette learned that she was pregnant with twins, she and her husband were shocked. The 28-year-old mother of a five-year-old planned to have another child, hopefully a boy, when her daughter turned 10.


Despite the surprising news, Marie Rosette and her husband were excited and grateful to add to their family, describing her pregnancy as a “gift from God”. Marie Rosette received prenatal care at Project Medishare’s mobile clinics near her home in Tierra Muscady. On April 11, she delivered two healthy boys: Jouvensky and Louvensky.


Both she and the boys are doing well, though she confesses that as a stay-at-home mom she is exhausted from breastfeeding and caring for two newborns. Luckily when she’s not in school, big sister Samaika enjoys helping her mom with the twins.




Last month, 18 year-old Sherlanda came to Project Medishare’s maternity center in Marmont to take a pregnancy test. The test came back positive, flooding the young mom-to-be with a mix of emotions from shock to happiness to confusion. But most of all, she was nervous and scared.


Sherlanda’s mom died three years ago after childbirth. The baby died after seven months and seven days. Sherlanda’s worried that she could suffer the same fate. That’s why she decided to seek prenatal care (and when the time comes deliver) at our maternity center rather than go to a hospital or clinic in Hinche where she lives — she believes she will receive better quality care.




After giving birth to four children, the youngest of which is two months old, 20-year-old Jesula decided to adopt a family planning method to avoid having more children until she’s ready. Recently, she along with five other women attended a special family planning mobile clinic in Malari where she received a five year birth control implant. The implant can be removed before five years or another one can be implanted after to further delay pregnancy — the choice is Jesula’s.


Caring for moms in Haiti would not be possible without the generous support of our donors. Thank you for making a difference!