Project Medishare | Meet Sidney Peters, EMT Volunteer
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Meet Sidney Peters, EMT Volunteer

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Sidney is a former Project Medishare EMT volunteer, a senior at the University of Minnesota, and the recent recipient of the 2018 Hockey Humanitarian Award, a national award that recognizes college hockey’s “finest citizen” for leadership in community service. As the winner of this award, Sidney selected Project Medishare to receive a $3,000 donation by the Hockey Humanitarian Award Foundation. Read our Q & A with Sidney to learn more about her volunteer experience in Haiti.



What motivated you to travel to Haiti to volunteer?

I was motivated to travel to Haiti to volunteer because I was interested in getting involved in a service opportunity outside of the United States. I had heard a lot about the earthquake in 2010 and the impact it had on Port-au-Prince. Project Medishare provided me with the opportunity to get involved and serve others, and it also allowed me the opportunity to learn about how medicine is performed in a part of the world that was unfamiliar to me.



What did you find most surprising about Haiti?

I was surprised by the amount of joy I found in the patients and staff that were associated with Project Medishare. Even though Haiti is a hurting country, the people I met and interacted with in Port-au-Prince were able to choose joy and celebrate life in the midst of some incredibly difficult situations.


Do you have a specific favorite moment or memory about your time in Haiti?

I really enjoyed watching the Haitian medical doctors work. They are so calm and unshaken, even when things become chaotic. I have an immense amount of respect for these physicians, as well as the other staff members at Hospital Bernard Mevs.

Congratulations Sidney on your very well deserved award!


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