Project Medishare | Healing the Wounds Left by Matthew
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Healing the Wounds Left by Matthew

  |   Critical Care & Trauma

Jocita is one of the more than 4,000 patients who have been treated at a field clinic in Jeremie where Project Medishare and Hospital Bernard Mevs staff and volunteers have been providing medical care to hurricane survivors. A cement block from a collapsing wall fell on her, wounding her leg. The downtown Jeremie resident says the wall was not the only thing the 145 mile per hour winds destroyed; it swept away part of her roof as well.


“I just thank God that my two children are unharmed! My father too, he lives with me and he’s fine. I’m glad it was me who got hurt and not anyone else in my family,” she shared.


jocita and hannah


For most patients like Jocita, the injury itself isn’t the real danger. It’s complications from those injuries that can be potentially life threatening, namely infection. Infected wounds can be easily treated with antibiotics and proper cleaning, but when neglected, the infection worsens, spreads, and can become deadly. After the hurricane, wounds were left for untreated for several days as many Haitians in hard hit areas were unable to access healthcare – a problem that existed before the hurricane.


As a diabetic, it will take longer for Jocita’s wound to heal, but thanks to the collaborative efforts of our volunteers and partners, she and many others have received the medical care needed to avoid a more severe outcome.


You can help make sure that more people like Jocita are able to access the lifesaving healthcare they need. Make a donation today.