Project Medishare | A Mother’s Journey — Clautilde’s Story
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A Mother’s Journey — Clautilde’s Story

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It’s 3 o’clock on a Friday afternoon in Marmont, Haiti, a rural community 60 miles and a three-hour drive from Port-au-Prince. The midwives at Project Medishare’s maternal health clinic are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next baby. On one of the beds lies 29 year-old Clautilde – a mother of two children ages 11 and 9. She’s in labor with her third child.

Clautilde lives on the other side of the border, in the Dominican Republic with her boyfriend and two children. Wanting to visit her mother who lives in Hinche, the soon-to-be family of five decided to take the four-hour bus ride to the city. During their travels, Clautilde started to feel her first contractions. At her mother’s suggestion, she took an hour-long motorcycle ride from Hinche to the clinic in Marmont.

Clautilde examination

It didn’t take long for Clautilde’s contractions to become stronger, longer and closer together. Project Medishare’s midwives were at her bedside, holding her hand and keeping her cool with a cold compress. At around 8 o’clock, Clautilde delivered a healthy baby boy, with no complications. And no epidural.

Clautilde and son

The next morning, Clautilde was up and about, full of energy and excited to show off her baby. When her boyfriend arrived at the clinic, a huge smile spread across his face when he saw his son for the first time.

Before returning to Hinche, Clautilde proudly expressed her dreams for her children, including her thoughts on what makes a good mother. “The way I educate my children, so that they are able to know how to act and be apart of society, makes me a good mother. I will do everything for them to be able to go to school and hopefully later, to university”, she said.

Clautilde’s views on motherhood come from the relationship she has with her own mother, who never stopped taking care of her even while being far away. Clautilde and her family spent the month of May at her mom’s house before traveling back to the Dominican Republic. She’s happy she was able to celebrate Mother’s Day in Haiti with her mother.

To help ensure more mom’s like Clautilde have access to a safe delivery, make a donation to Project Medishare today.

Clautilde family