Project Medishare | Zika Virus Confirmed in Haiti
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Zika Virus Confirmed in Haiti

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Last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Zika virus a “public health emergency of international concern”. Transmitted via the same mosquitos that carry dengue and chikungunya, Zika is rapidly spreading throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. The Haitian Ministry of Health has confirmed that the virus is within its borders.


A nurse conducts a prenatal exam at Project Medishare’s maternal health center in Marmont, a rural community in Haiti’s Central Plateau region. (Photo: Daniel Cima)

Symptoms of Zika are generally mild, and include fever, joint pain and rash. However, the real concern is pregnant women. The WHO and Centers for Disease Control recommend that pregnant women and women planning to become pregnant take extra precautions, as the virus has been linked to possible birth defects and other disorders in newborn babies.

Project Medishare is acting quickly in response to this latest public health crisis in Haiti. We are prepared to distribute mosquito nets and insect repellant to pregnant women, and provide expanded access to birth control at our maternal health center. Our community health workers will educate people about Zika and how to prevent its transmission. And our team of doctors and nurses at our health clinics in the Central Plateau stand ready to treat patients infected by the virus.

But we need your help. Will you make a donation today to support Project Medishare’s efforts to fight the spread of the Zika virus in Haiti? Every donation helps us provide the critical services needed to protect pregnant women and their babies from the potentially harmful effects of the virus.
Thank you for your support of Project Medishare. Because of you, we are able to save lives and rebuild hope for Haiti.

The Project Medishare Family.