Project Medishare | The Ministry of Public Health & Population and Project Medishare Hold a National Training for the Treatment of Cancer in Haiti
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The Ministry of Public Health & Population and Project Medishare Hold a National Training for the Treatment of Cancer in Haiti

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Port-au-Prince, Haiti (January 27th, 2015) – The Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP), the University of Florida and Project Medishare held an intensive three-day cancer training for more than 50 medical personnel from all regions of Haiti at the Boule Training and Education Center at Hospital Bernard Mevs in Port-au-Prince.

The training, supported by Project Medishare, is the first step in the implementation of a National Cancer treatment program, aimed at increasing the accessibility of cancer treatment and care throughout the country.

“The greater availability of medical treatments across Haiti and improved access to consultations will lead to the earlier detection and treatment of cancer,” said Dr. Jean Ronald Cornely, Director of the MSPP oncology program. “Access to medical care at an early stage of the disease greatly increases the chances of successful treatment and survival.”

During the three days of training, twenty doctors and thirty-two nurses from Haiti’s ten geographic regions received instruction on cancer treatment protocols for diagnosis, treatment and surgery for breast, prostate and cervical cancer and cancer associated with HIV/AIDS.

The initiative was led by Dr. Jean Ronald Cornely and Dr. Elsie Metellus of the State University Hospital of Haiti (HUEH), the staff at Hospital Bernard Mevs, as well as experts from the University of Florida and the University of Miami. The training was made possible with support from Living Hope Haiti, a non-governmental organization.

“We are grateful for the cooperation and support that has made this initiative possible,” said Dr. Vincent DeGennaro, head of internal medicine for Project Medishare. “The MSPP and Project Medishare take this opportunity to raise awareness of the effects of the disease and remember that cancer can be treated if detected early.”


About Project Medishare for Haiti

Project Medishare is dedicated to providing comprehensive health and development services and building capacity in Haiti. Project Medishare’s work saves lives and forms the foundation upon which larger social change is built.

The organization treats more than 180,000 people annually and operates:

  • The country’s only critical care and trauma hospital;
  • The only Newborn and Pediatric Intensive Care Units for the sickest premature infants and children;
  • Multiple rural community health clinics;
  • A major cholera treatment facility; and
  • The nation’s most advanced prosthetics facility.

Project Medishare also mobilized the first medical team on the ground in Haiti just 12 hours after the devastating 2010 earthquake.

For more information about Project Medishare for Haiti, please visit:, Facebook, or Twitter.