Project Medishare | The Miss Marie Medical complex
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The Miss Marie Medical complex

  |   Community Health & Development, Maternal Health Center, News

On Friday, November 21, 2014, Project Medishare for Haiti opened and dedicated a medical complex in the remote town of Marmont in the central Plateau region of Haiti. This complex, the Miss Marie Medical complex, includes a rebuilt Ministry of Health (MSPP) clinic and a 24-hour maternity center.

The new multi-faceted health facility is named after the late Medishare Country Director, Marie Elias Chery, who championed the program for the organization in the region. This facility is expected to make a significant difference in the way healthcare is provided to the local community and beyond. Project Medishare provides healthcare for over 100,000 Haitians in the Plateau communities.

The maternity center, which has been in service since January 2013, will continue to provide access to safe births and prenatal care for thousands of women each year through a network of trained community health care workers. The number of deliveries and prenatal appointments at the maternity center continue to increase every month as word spreads about the services available.

A representative of the Marmont community, Benita Borgerly, spoke during the opening ceremony and emphasized how grateful the community was to those who provided the necessary means to make the project a reality. “Thanks to you and your support, women will stop dying while giving birth and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for protecting our lives and the lives of our newborns,” said Bergerly. “Project Medishare is our organization and we urge all the donors to continue to support so that it may always provide care for our communities,” said Bergerly.

The former MSPP outpatient clinic in Marmont was damaged in the 2010 earthquake. The Catholic Diocese of Hinche provided land, while Cross International funded the rebuilding of the building. Cross International also funds Project Medishare’s Orphan and Vulnerable Children program in Lahoye.

The clinic will provide basic services for the population and will be a site for health education and community activities. The board president and co-founder of Project Medishare, Dr. Barth Green, assured the community of Medishare’s promise to facilitate access to better care and quality care. “We have a longtime commitment with Haiti and Project Medishare and its great team in Haiti and in Miami. Our team will continue to do all they can to bring quality health care to the Haitian population,” said Dr. Green, who also thanked donors for their support.

“Your presence here today and that of the representatives of the Haitian government and others show the importance of the event for you and the whole community, and we thank our donors who made it happen” added Dr. Green.

The Representative of the Health Minister, Dr. Alceus Antoine, saluted the achievement and promised the support of the MSPP for the operations of the newly inaugurated medical center and called on donors to continue to provide support for Project Medishare.

The attendees at the opening of the clinic included representatives of the Haitian government, donors, community members and other dignitaries. The Miss Marie Medical complex was blessed by priests from the Catholic Diocese of Hinche.

Miss Marie Medical complex