Project Medishare | Back to School in Haiti
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Back to School in Haiti

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All around the world it’s “Back to School” time. In Haiti’s Central Plateau, school children face numerous preventable health risks and a lack of access to basic healthcare. Many of their parents are unable to pay school fees and struggle to provide enough food to feed their families. Project Medishare continues to work with communities in the Central Plateau to ensure a bright future for the youth. 


The Central Plateau region of Haiti has one of the highest malnutrition rates in the country. Malnourished children are more susceptible to disease and, as a result, less likely to perform well in school. Because of this, Project Medishare is set to launch a school nutrition program this year, which will provide healthy meals to children in schools and help give children in this area the best chance for a productive future.

Another of Project Medishare’s initiatives, the School Based Health Program, sends mobile teams of doctors and nursesto over 120 schools in the Central Plateau each year. Project Medishare treats approximately 24,000 children per year in this program alone.

As you prepare your own family and friends for the start of a productive school year, please consider making a donation to Project Medishare to support school children and their families: 

  • $15 pays for a student’s health education program
  • $50 pays for a student’s school fees for the year
  • $30 provides a student with a daily meal the entire school year 

Your generous donation will help guarantee the continuation of these important programs for school children of the Central Plateau. Thank you in advance for helping to make sure that Haiti’s future is bright and its students are safe, full and healthy.