Project Medishare | Over $38,000 in Medical Supplies Donated by Student
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Over $38,000 in Medical Supplies Donated by Student

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Clive “Tristan” d’Adesky is not a stranger to Project Medishare for Haiti. Four years ago, following the earthquake, Tristan and his siblings designed and sold wristbands and t-shirts at soccer games and at their school in an effort to raise money for Medishare. Tristan’s philanthropist spirit has not waned.

We would like to extend a big thank you to Tristan for recently collecting 6 pallets of Medical supplies, worth over $38,000! We are so grateful for this donation and all of the time spent gathering the items. This is a huge contribution to Project Medishare and will be very useful in our effort to continue to provide medical care to all of the people of Haiti.

Haiti holds a special place in Tristan’s heart, his father is Haitian-American, born in Miami, FL, to parents who were both born in Port-au-Prince. Regarding his latest donation, Tristan said “I just tried to get as many supplies as I could, and it is gratifying and fun. Most important is that I know Project Medishare and Dr. Green can put it all to good use.”

Tristan d'Adesky, Taryn d'Adesky, Dylan d'Adesky, Helder Valle, April d'Adesky, Karlyn d'Adesky, Barth A. Green, M.D. Photo courtesy of Roberto Suazo


If you are interested in donating to Project Medishare for Haiti please visit our web page or our Amazon Wish List page.