Project Medishare | Project Medishare Employees Graduate Rehabilitation Program
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Project Medishare Employees Graduate Rehabilitation Program

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We are so pleased to share with you the great accomplishment of two of our rehabilitation department personnel. Cedieu Fortilus and Kernand Emmanuel have both recently graduated from the Loma Linda Rehabilitation Technician Certification Program. We are extremely grateful to the Knights of Columbus  for generously sponsoring the education of Cedieu and Kernand. The Knights of Columbus share our vision of assembling a self-sustaining rehab staff in Haiti who will treat and care for other Haitians. Sponsoring Cedieu and Kernand at Loma Linda Rehabilitation Technician Certification Program was one of the first step’s in getting there.

Loma Linda Rehabilitation Technician Certification Program was established to train Haitian rehabilitation technicians who will serve to rehabilitate people with disabilities back into Haitian society.  The Training is taught in conjunction with The School of Allied Health Professions at Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California.  This program began in June 2012 and has been approved by Haiti’s Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.  This is a nine month program that includes lectures and hands on learning.  The class is limited to 8-16 students per year. Thanks to the Knights of Columbus, Cedieu and Kernand were part of this small class.

Following the earthquake, Cedieu was a translator at the Project Medishare tent hospital before joining the rehab team.  Kernand was a chauffeur prior to employment with the Project Medishare rehab department. Both gentlemen are described by their coworkers as family men, active in their churches and incredible assets to the Medishare team.

With this training, Cedieu and Kernand have gained basic theoretical and practical knowledge of rehabilitation techniques and standards that they will be able to utilize for the betterment of Haiti and for the rest of their careers. This graduation is a fantastic achievement and the first of its kind in Haiti. Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare is extremely proud of these two distinguished employees and beyond grateful to the Knights of Columbus for their continued support.

Cedieu Fortilus


Kernand Emmanuel