Project Medishare | A Red Flower in Haiti on Mother’s Day
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A Red Flower in Haiti on Mother’s Day

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In Haiti, it is tradition to wear a flower in honor of your mother on Mother’s Day. A red flower is worn if your mother is living and a white or purple flower is worn to honor a mother that has passed. Project Medishare for Haiti works hard daily to ensure that the communities around us continue to wear red flowers.

1 out of every 37 female deaths is linked to a high-risk pregnancy in Haiti. At our outpatient clinic in Port-au-Prince, women receive pre- and post-natal care and are scheduled for c-sections at our surgery center. A staff OBGYN at Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare, Dr. Lemaire, said the hospital is important because, “Patients get to see a specialist for a small fee. They receive high quality service, the same kind of service they would receive at a private clinic.” When asked why he chose to take care of women rather than another specialty, he said “I like to see the smile on a mother’s face after giving birth. She forgets all the pain she’s been through as soon as she’s holding her baby. It’s amazing.”

At our clinic in the Central Plateau, women receive pre-natal care and come to deliver. Haiti has the highest maternal mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. According to UNICEF, out of 100,000 live births, 630 Haitian women die of pregnancy-related causes. Project Medishare’s Central Plateau Clinic works to fight this statistic with local community midwifes and practitioners. We also employ many local Haitian women at both locations. These women support their family, themselves and their community.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our volunteers, supporters and patients. Please consider making a donation in honor of a woman special to you and help us continue to assure more and more red flowers are worn in Haiti each Mother’s Day.


The Project Medishare for Haiti Team