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A Representation of Project Medishare

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A Letter from Dr. Bull Durham, orthopedic surgeon volunteering with Project Medishare since the time of the earthquake and co-director of the orthopedic program at Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare. Dr. Durham just returned from his 13th trip to Haiti!

“Carme Suze Beauge is a 16 year old girl from Port-au-Prince who presented to Hopital Bernard Mews with a Giant Cell Tumor of the right femur. This is a destructive bony tumor which had destroyed much of her distal Femur. Treatment of this tumor required the expertise of a specialist, an orthopedic surgeon who deals with bone tumors. It required a cadaveric allograft of a distal femur and a team of specialized OR staff to perform the type of surgery to salvage her leg. We were fortunate to have the assistance of the following individuals who helped to orchestrate and perform this procedure.

Last Friday Dr David Pitcher took her to surgery and after resecting the distal femur, replaced it with a cadaveric allograft distal femur. According to Dr Pitcher the surgery went well and Dr Andrews has shared that the final pathology is Giant Cell Tumor. I have been in touch with Kate and Carme Suze did well, she left the hospital this week.

Dr Pitcher, thank you so much for taking the time to go to Haiti to do this surgery. I cannot thank-you enough. Though we have not met, it has been a pleasure working on this with you. Your team left a loving impression on the staff at Hopital Bernard Mews and they are all asking when you will return. You have touched their hearts. I thank you for the gift you have given Carme Suze.

Dr Temple, we have not met nor have we had any correspondence but I wish to thank you for whatever magic you worked to make this allograft appear for Carme’s surgery. It was with great sadness that I first met her and I was very excited when it seemed like we might be able to save her leg. I thank you for your significant role in this.
David Andrews, it was largely your efforts that put this whole event together. Thanks for your speedy interpretation of the biopsy and for your connections that helped to make this possible. I have enjoyed our short friendship and look forward to working together in the future.

There are many others that helped to put this event together and I hope I have thanked each of you personally for your part. If I have not, forgive me but I know that you all worked hard on this. Thank-you!

This is a representation of what I have seen over and over in my involvement with Medishare, Bernard Mews and all of you. It blows me away when a group of individuals comes together with a common goal and makes Haiti a better place. It is what keeps me coming back.

With love,
Dr. Bull Durham”