Project Medishare | Ransom Everglades Student Athletes Organize 5K to benefit Project Medishare
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Ransom Everglades Student Athletes Organize 5K to benefit Project Medishare

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From Ransom Everglades’ Website:

Ransom Everglades Student Athletes Organize 5K to benefit Project Medishare

Building sustainable healthcare in Haiti

On Sunday, May 20th, 2012, Coconut Grove came alive with hundreds of runners in support of Project Medishare, an organization dedicated to building sustainable healthcare in Haiti. The second annual 5K was organized by the Ransom Everglades’ Student Athlete Advisory Committee co – Presidents Jared Ertel and David Goldstein. More than 250 runners, and generous sponsorships raised $40,000 that will go toward purchasing lifesaving equipment for Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

In June 2010, after treating more than 30,000 earthquake victims, Project Medishare moved out of the tent hospital and into a non-profit community hospital, Hospital Bernard Mevs, which was only partially functional due to the post-quake conditions. Project Medishare brought in all of the high-tech equipment used at the field hospital, upgraded the hospital to include intensive care units for adults, children and premature babies, and turned Hospital Bernard Mevs into the only trauma and critical care hospital in Haiti. Project Medishare remains committed to helping Haitians rebuild their country and healthcare system. Project Medishare was helping Haiti long before the earthquake, and will be there for many years to come, ensuring a better future for Haiti.

With the sun rising over Biscayne Bay, the runners showed determination and fortitude just as the doctors and staff do every day in Haiti at Project Medishare. “We are so pleased this community has come together to support an organization that is always there to help the needy in Haiti”, said Jared Ertel, While most aid organizations have left Haiti, Project Medishare and the University of Miami are there to stay! A race of this magnitude does not just come together overnight.

“We were so lucky to have a foundation to work from and generous sponsors, plus the entire Ransom Everglades Community has been so incredibly supportive in helping those less fortunate,” said David Goldstein.

Founder and organizer of the first annual Run For Relief, Laura Simko spent many hours helping with all of the details and logistics during finals at Boston College. “The support of Ransom Everglades’ athletic director, Claude Grubair and Andy De Angulo continues to build momentum and excitement for this race.”  said Laura.  As a centerpiece of the REACH program (Ransom Everglades Athletics Can Help), this event brings all of the athletic teams together for one common cause.  During the school year, each of the athletic teams at Ransom Everglades participates in their own community service project, but this year-end event brings everyone together for a common cause.