Project Medishare | Nova Biomedical Supports Intensive Care at HBMPM
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Nova Biomedical Supports Intensive Care at HBMPM

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A Message from Sarah Brown:

“I recently had the privilege to visit Hospital Bernard Mevs/Project Medishare (HBMPM). As a clinical pathologist, my area of knowledge pertains to clinical laboratories and so I was very interested in visiting the HBMPM laboratory, meeting its staff, and learning of any opportunities to help improve the capability of the laboratory. The laboratory at HBMPM is very important for supporting the mission of HBMPM, which is to provide trauma and intensive care. In fact, HBMPM is the only hospital in Haiti able to provide life-saving intensive care for adults and children. This includes supporting critically ill patients on mechanical ventilation. Proper management of these patients includes monitoring the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in their blood. To fill this need, an instrument for the measurement of blood oxygen and carbon dioxide was generously donated by Nova Biomedical of Waltham, MA.

One of the goals for my visit to HBMPM was to set up this instrument and teach the laboratory staff how to operate the instrument and interpret the results. The technical support staff at Nova Biomedical, specifically the senior manager Paul Smith, went above and beyond in providing assistance from the U.S. and getting the instrument running. Paul patiently coached me over Skype, helping diagnose various issues that we hadn’t expected. When we realized that an additional part was needed, Paul and Scott Isbell, the Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs at Nova, went out of their way to get the part couriered by cab to the apartment of a volunteer coming to Haiti from Boston the following day. Thanks to the efforts of the staff at Nova and volunteers willing to participate, we were able to get the instrument working and the lab staff trained in a just few days. By the end of my weeklong visit, this new testing capability was being actively utilized for patient care.

On behalf of HBMPM, I sincerely thank Nova Biomedical, Paul Smith, and Scott Isbell, for their generosity. I also want to thank Gina Zanolli and Cassia van der Hoof Holstein and the volunteers at Partners in Health, who very cheerfully agreed to carry in parts at the last minute, and to get these parts to HBMPM once they arrived in Haiti via the great people at Every Mother Counts, namely Emily Thornton and Christy Turlington Burns. These efforts go so far in improving the standard of care for the critically ill in Haiti.”


Jack Ladenson, PhD, Professor of Pathology and Immunology at Washington University School of Medicine and Sarah Brown working on the Nova machine