Project Medishare | Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity Donation
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Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity Donation

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Project Medishare for Haiti would like to thank the Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity for their generous donation in honor of Dr. Gerald Bertoni, father of Dr. Alain Bertoni. Dr. Alain Bertoni is an Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences and Internal Medicine at Wake Forest School of Medicine and the Director of Research at the Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity.

Maya Angelou herself has been a longstanding supporter of Project Medishare for Haiti. Dr. Angelou and her son Guy Johnson narrated the film Once There Was a Country which examined the healthcare crisis in Haiti and highlighted the rich cultural heritage and the little known triumphs of the country that became the first black-ruled nation after the first successful slave revolt in 1791. She also wrote the following for Save Haiti Saturday (a fundraising campaign started by Project Medishare supporters after the 2010 earthquake): “The question is, am I my brother and sister’s keeper? The answer is more than that. I am my brother and my sister. I am a person trapped in a building which has collapsed in Haiti. I am a father who cannot get to his children in Haiti. I am a mother who is injured holding her injured baby with no aid. I’m not ashamed to say I need your help and I am grateful to say thank you.”

This donation from the Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity is especially important not only because of Dr. Angelou’s connection with Haiti but also because of Dr. Bertoni’s connection with the country. “Dr. Alain Bertoni is the son of two physicians who immigrated to the United States from Haiti before he was born.  He spent a week of his personal time in Haiti last year helping out in the tent hospital after the earthquake, working with Project Medishare. His commitment to help was deeply felt and something that mattered very much to him”- Winona K. Gilbert

Dr. Alain Bertoni (L) at the Project Medishare field hospital in Haiti